This page is software I wrote for myself. But if you find it useful, feel free to use it.

WaltzRemote: Remote control for a DirecTV DVRs

A remote control for DirecTV DVRs.
If you are a DirecTV user, try this. I think you'll like it.

The rest of the software on this
page is ancient and unsupported.

CSS Formatter

Well, really it is just a web page, but it is self contained so there is no server requirement.

Rudimentary CSS formatter

Bookmarklet Editor

Another self contained web page; This one is useful for creating bookmarklets in Firefox and maybe other browsers. A bookmarklet is a small javascript program that you usually click on from the links bar of the browser. It can do anything from scan the contents of the page to completely reformat it or do much more. Examples are widely available on the web.

This page takes a bookmarklet and turns it into a 1 line program suitable for use in a link. It compresses out all blanks except from quoted strings and "new Array" so be aware of that and add semicolons to the ends of javascript lines. Some samples are provided.

Bookmarklet editor

JavaScript Mazes

A small JavaScript to generate and solve mazes.

Here's a full screen example. Try changing the grid size.